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<p>Specifications<br /> By request, embossed logos can be made of PVC/ TPU/Rubber or Silicone.<br /> Gold &amp; Silver metallic colors can be duplicated on PVC or TPU.<br /> Custom made size and shapes acceptable<br /> Embossed logos have faster delivery time and are more cost effective than metal logos.<br /> Embossed logos are commonly applied on military and law enforcement uniforms.</p> <p>How to apply Embossed PVC or TPU patches onto a T-shirt or an uniform?<br /> 1) If plain on backside: PVC or TPU patches should be sewn on<br /> 2) If iron-on backside: Place the patches at the right place &rarr; Set your iron with temperature of 120&deg;~140&deg;C &rarr; Iron on from the backside of clothes instead of on top of patches &rarr; Press about 12~15 seconds<br /> 3) If Velcro on backside: The male piece will be sewn on the backside of patches; and the female piece should be sewn on your clothes or uniform.</p>