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<p>Specifications<br /> Colors can be woven up to 12 colors on a single label.<br /> Pantone book for color reference<br /> Gradient colors; metallic gold &amp; silver; fluorescent colors are all available.<br /> Back side can be made with iron on, paper back, adhesive back or with Velcro.<br /> Borders can be laser cut, heat cut and over locked (merrow border).<br /> MOQ is 100pcs per design<br /> Fast turn-around time with 7 ~14 days<br /> Unit price and set up fee are negotiable<br /> With Higher resolution for smaller lettering<br /> Close to photographic realism</p> <p>What is the difference between Woven patches and embroidered patches?<br /> The decision to go with an embroidered patch or a woven patch is entirely up to you. If your design has a lot of small detail, woven is likely a better choice. If you are looking for a patch with different levels of dimension or a rugged patch that will withstand a harsh environment, consider the embroidery patch.<br /> &nbsp;</p>

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